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ROT Radio was founded to provide a platform for Texas rock bands to get their music to the masses. Not only that, but we do a lot of cool stuff to help our local Texas music scene. We sponsor live shows, live-broadcast events, spread the word about bands and their happenings. ROT Radio is more than just a radio station, we are a community service.

If you have a show, album release or want to get involved, give us a shout on Facebook! Head over to our Contact page and you can submit your music as well.

Want awesome, local, rock? Well, you've found it! ROT Radio plays all your favorite local Texas rock bands. If we don't have your favorite band in rotation, tell them about ROT Radio and let us know on our Facebook page that you want to hear them.

Be sure to check out our album reviews, articles, and video exlusives here on the site and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the current shows and events in your area.

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